This gallery is comprised of art from all
over the world created by survivors of trauma. Our hope is to
touch your heart and soul and to ease your journey

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Robert Adam

Iris Andres
Angie Curtis
Paul Salvator Goldengreen
Linda Ness
Susan Stone Salas
Lynn Schirmer
Linda Stewart
Angela Taylor

Marcia Tysseling

Dana Whitt

  Linda Ness


Diamond Searcher - 1986
40" x 40"
Acrylic on Canvas
It is said that every question contains its own answer. But it seems that questions seem to only lead to more questions. Why does the solution seem to be buried so deep? Is there an oracle that holds the key? Where is the guide to show the way? Do I actually believe that the answer can come from an outside source? Must I always struggle for my desires? Can I let go and let the answers be revealed?

Dashboard Jesus - 1988
36" x 28"
Acrylic on Canvas
A clear view of the road leading through the challenge of the mountains.
A rear view mirror giving clues to the past.
Religious beliefs captured in a plastic Jesus.
A throw of the dice and the luck it brings.
The salad of the here and now mixed for tomorrow.

Moonlit Cartwheels - 1993
36" x 40"

Acrylic on Canvas
As a gift and celebration for my inner child I have created this image which includes children playing with no fear of the night.
After Hours - 1986
36" x 40
Acrylic on Canvas
Like an animal in the jungle I did what I had to
do to survive. It was a game of seductive powers
used as a method, tool or even a weapon to have needs met. As the saying goes: looking for love
in all the wrong places


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